Seamless service and brand values fit a conveyancing leader

Queensland’s customer experience pioneers KRG Conveyancing prides itself on the points of difference that make it one of the state’s leading residential conveyancing law firms.

“Conveyancing is a highly competitive industry. For us, achieving brand loyalty in this environment has meant a total focus on providing a client-friendly and agent-friendly service,” Franki Simmons, Director of KRG Conveyancing shared.

“More than 75% of our business is based on repeat clients and referrals. After 20 years in the market, we believe that acting with integrity, ensuring there’s no hidden fees and providing a smooth and simple process for agents and clients has been the key to our success.”

Adopting technology, such as PEXA, to enhance processes and create efficiencies is an integral part of KRG Conveyancing’s strategy. Innovation and technology ensure KRG delivers a memorable, reliable and superior experience for Queensland’s property buyers and sellers, and the agents who trust its service.

“PEXA reinforces our values and fits our ethos of providing a fully seamless service. It allows agents to get paid quickly and gives them confidence that we are using up-to-date processes and embracing electronic conveyancing.”

Settling property in the paper world can result in numerous errors and delays. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) report, approximately 25% of consumers suffer financial implications or issues as a result of delays in paper settlements. On top of this, the research shows that consumers were being placed under unnecessary stress due to delays caused by manual errors.

“PEXA removes many frustrations of the paper process and unnecessary touchpoints. For our clients, buying or selling their largest asset can be a nerve-racking experience. We’re generally holding their hands throughout. PEXA enables us to provide our clients with the best service; adding certainty and flexibility to the entire experience.”

“As a business, we’ve been able to remove costs without cutting corners or compromising quality. Administration costs such as collecting bank cheques, attending settlements, postage and much more are significantly reduced.”

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