Revolutionising property transactions in the Sunshine State

Industry professionals from all corners of the Sunshine State are working to revolutionise property transactions – committed to providing enhanced customer experiences to Queensland’s homebuyers and sellers.

More than 600 kilometres separates Sara Reynoldson, Director of Reynoldson Law, Toowoomba, and Wayne Howard, Principal of KCH Lawyers, Rockhampton, but the pair are united at the forefront of the sector’s digitisation – using PEXA to settle property for their clients online.

As any industry knows, time certainly does equal money” explained Sara, reflecting on her firm’s switch to electronic services. “Co-ordinating settlements is far more streamlined online, particularly in dealing with financial institutions. It also means that I don’t lose staff for hours at a time out of the office at paper settlements.  In fact, from a client perspective, over the past few years, clients had begun to express surprise that traditional paper settlements were still being transacted by bank cheque”, continued Sara. 

The onset of COVID-19 has accelerated the digitisation of customer interactions by three years globally and by four years in Asia-Pacific. A similar trend has played out within Queensland’s property industry as firms strive to deliver secure, digital options to support their clients and staff.

By nature, the legal industry is risk averse and we often take some time to be convinced that a new technology is safe and reliable.  Although the pandemic has very sadly caused great loss in many people’s personal and professional lives, the event itself has highlighted the fact that digital transformation is not only possible in the legal industry, it is essential”, said Sara.

KCH Lawyers has been providing legal services to their Rockhampton community for 30 years and completes property transactions online whenever possible, longing for a 100% digital environment for the state.

Settling online is much more efficient. Paper settlements can be erratic at times. Now we have less hands on files and the reduced possibility of errors. Also, we have seen savings for our firm when we’re settling from a distance – less time spent on administration and travel costs”, said Wayne.

“The unique part of adopting PEXA is the amazing, free support you receive to assist your business with the transition. Our PEXA Specialist, Helen, has been there with us from the start and didn’t disappear the minute we completed our first online transaction. We feel supported the whole way, which will make the transition a lot easier for the entire state”, said Wayne.

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