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Designed to take the headaches out of scheduling for busy legal professionals, AusLaw Concierge is an innovative solution which saves time for busy professionals when searching for service providers and scheduling meetings. It allows legal professionals to search and be found, all from the palm of their hand.

Founder Michael Alexander, who is a full time Barrister, Arbitrator, Mediator, husband and father of three, is well placed to truly understand the issues that an extremely busy legal professional faces when trying to schedule appointments with service providers, clients and colleagues.

Michael commented: “As a busy law professional, I understand that scheduling is time consuming and of course that time is money. That’s why I’ve created AusLaw Concierge.”

“This app provides everything you could need in one place. It connects with your colleagues’ calendars so you can see at a glance who is available when, and the best time to schedule an appointment with them. It even gives you the chance to increase your business, simply by having a searchable profile on the app.”

AusLaw Concierge includes everything a legal professional could need to make scheduling a breeze. One easy search function connects professionals with service providers, displaying their availability in real time – there’s no need for the frustrating thread of emails. You can also narrow your search to specific times or timeframes, locations, and more to ensure you only see suitable people who are available right when you need them.

Whether you need a mediation room, a barrister or accountant, simply search for a location and time that works for you and you can connect with relevant people in a few clicks. AusLaw Concierge’s advanced filtering system allows anyone seeking your services to see your location, rates, and availability at a glance. You’ll save time and maximise efficiency by fielding fewer fruitless enquiries with incompatible dates.

Michael added: “When creating AusLaw Concierge, I wanted to make sure it was really simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.”

“One of my frustrations was the constant back and forth from multiple requests, especially when multiple people’s availability needed to match up – I knew there must be an easier way to schedule and receive appointments bookings, and that’s what the app provides.”

Legal professionals can check providers and colleagues’ calendars alongside their own in real time within the app, so everyone’s availability is clear from the start. Clients’ privacy is protected, as the details of appointments and blocked out time in calendars aren’t revealed to searchers. This means professionals can have the privacy they need, while enjoying the benefits of sharing your calendar with potential clients in real time.

Simply having a profile on AusLaw Concierge is a fantastic marketing tool. Anyone looking for services can use the search function to find your individual or organisation profile. Join AusLaw Concierge as an individual service provider or as an organisation with your team’s individual profiles connected – the choice is yours. Create an organisational account and all your team members will be able to advertise their services, driving new business to your law firm.

AusLaw is offering a free 3-month trial for Legal Professionals looking to save time and increase their profile. Click here to download the app.

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