How adopting innovative technology promotes exceptional client service

Historically, law firms have been able to differentiate themselves by the standard of client service they provided.

Doing their best work when face to face with clients, 2020 posed the question: how can we provide exceptional client service when we can’t be with our clients in person?

Embracing technology is the first step. As a cloud-based practice management solution, firms that had been using LEAP Legal Software prior to the pandemic were afforded flexibilities that enabled them to adapt to new working conditions and ease into remote working seamlessly. New and innovative features introduced to LEAP users in the past year have optimised the way that firms provide this exceptional standard of client service.

Award-winning technology – the best in practice management software

The most successful law firms understand that in order to be successful, they must be at the forefront of innovation – meaning they mustn’t be afraid to embrace technology and innovate their processes. Adopting an innovative practice management solution provides your firm with the best start to run an efficient and productive business.

LEAP was recently recognised for its innovation and was announced as the winner of the Law Established Business of the Year 2021 and ranked first place in the Law category at the inaugural Australian Digital Technology Awards 2021. An ongoing commitment to innovation and to delivering new features to help practitioners better serve the needs of their own clients was key to LEAP’s success at the awards.

Commitment to innovation

Technology that enables law firms to focus more on their clients and spend less time on the mundane, time-consuming activities that go into running a business is what differentiates firms.

LEAP invests more than $20 million a year in research and development so that LEAP users have the best possible experience. The onset of COVID-19 restrictions was no exception to this with the LEAP Development team deploying new innovations that allowed LEAP users to make a smooth transition to remote working. With a team of over 130 developers, the LEAP Dev team work tirelessly to constantly innovate and add new time-saving integrations to enhance LEAP’s usability.

In the last year alone, LEAP released new integrations with Zoom, FaceTime and Microsoft Teams to ensure that LEAP users stay productive and connected and to their colleagues and clients.

A new era of client service

Communicating with both your staff and clients while you can’t be with them in person can prove challenging for even the most efficient law firms.

LEAP users are in an advantageous position thanks to recent integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and FaceTime. With the ability to easily start or schedule a Zoom meeting with clients or colleagues directly from a LEAP matter, remote working poses little to no hindrance to your firm’s communication processes. Similarly, the integration with Microsoft Teams gives users endless opportunities for collaboration with the ability to share documents and matters in real time.

Delivering exceptional client service isn’t limited to lawyer-client interactions. Communication and collaboration with colleagues behind the scenes must also be a priority to ensure that each client receives the same standard of service. Whether your firm has a flexible working policy, or all of your staff are back in the office full time, the efficiency afforded by communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

The rise of self-service technology

With so many instances where self-service is becoming the new normal, there’s no doubt that it will become the backbone of customer service in numerous industries. From self-check-in for flights to ordering food from your mobile phone at your favourite restaurant, it’s becoming clear that consumers find the benefit in having more control in a service transaction.

Seamlessly integrated with LEAP, the Web Portal is a self-service tool available exclusively to LEAP users. This portal equips the clients of lawyers with a simple, self-service platform where they can communicate and collaborate with their firm online. Clients can use a firm’s Web Portal to make referrals, complete online intake forms, share documents and book appointments – all in one place. The ease of use and transparency that this self-service technology facilitates ensures that your firm has all the tools to provide superior client service.


As law firms have looked for new ways to interact and communicate with their clients under pandemic conditions, it has become clear that many temporary fixes are here to stay. With a stronger emphasis being placed on client satisfaction than ever before, the need to provide better service has grown.

Technology like LEAP helps firms provide exceptional service to their clients. Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and FaceTime ensure that remote working posits no hindrance to communication and allows users to stay better connected with their colleagues and clients alike. Additional self-service capability afforded by the Web Portal ensures that clients are able to communicate easily with your firm and enjoy greater transparency of their matters.

Discover the latest innovations that make LEAP a multi-award winning software solution.

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