Should your firm use the ‘Check In Qld’ QR code?

Queensland Law Society has received inquiries from practitioners about the requirements for displaying the Queensland Health ‘Check In Qld’ app QR code.

At present, law firms are not required to use the QR code (unless your office is in a shopping centre or venue that attracts crowds). (Read more)

Currently it is an issue of balancing client confidentiality and public safety. The courts have rolled out QR codes, but they are not mandatory for court-related services. (Read more)

Ultimately it may be a decision for you to make about how you would like to manage the risk in your practice. If most of your office attendees have appointments booked, you may find the app is not currently required. If you get a lot of people dropping into your office without appointments, then you might wish to consider the QR code.

If contract tracing is required, without the QR code your office staff may be required to contact clients/visitors, with the QR code Queensland Health will undertake that task.

If you do want to display a QR code, visit this page and select ‘I’m a business owner’ at the bottom of the page.


Practitioners should monitor the advice from Queensland Health and the list of Restricted Businesses in Schedule 1 of Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No.22).

The QLS COVID-19 page will be updated if the position changes.

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