Homebuyer strongly recommends digital VOI to conveyancers

An Australian homebuyer has spoken to triSearch about his recent digital verification of identity (VOI) experience, saying it is undoubtedly the more preferred method for an identity check than at an Australia Post Office.

Recommending digital VOI to all conveyancers, he explains it took a quarter of the time and cost compared to the post office.

Jack Ismay was asked to conduct a VOI through the Australia Post Office years ago, which he explained to triSearch was a terrible experience.

“I initially had to go to the post office which took about 30 to 40 minutes, as I could only go after work hours. The post office has inflexible opening hours, so it was difficult to find a day I could go.

I then had to wait in line for almost an hour, and they charged me $50 which I thought was expensive at the time, even without having a comparable option – overall, the post office VOI was not a great experience.”
Jack Ismay
Jack Ismay
Australian homeowner

Digital VOI provides redemption on identity check process

Having had the poor experience, Jack wasn’t looking forward to completing another VOI when he was asked to by his property lawyer in the course of a property transaction recently.

Fortunately, the second time Jack was asked to conduct a VOI, he was provided the option to conduct it digitally through triVOI, the triSearch eConveyancing tool.

Praising the method, he explained:The second time I had to do a verification of identity, I did it through a verification tool called triVOI and it was so easy.”

“All I had to do was take a few photos on my phone for the requirements, and upload them onto the portal. One of the best things about the process was that I could do it all from home – in under ten minutes.”

Jack said although the process was done through a different method from his previous VOI, it was far simpler to understand the requirements.

“The experience was very user-friendly; I easily went through it and didn’t need to ask any questions of my conveyancer,” he said. “It was also something that I’m used to since I tend to do everything digitally now, so it was easy to pick up on.”

For Jack, timesaving was the biggest advantage to the digital tool: “Time was undoubtedly the biggest difference maker for me – not only was it convenient for me, but it took me less than a quarter of the time than it did by doing it in the post office.”

Having used two different methods to complete VOI, Jack expressed that all conveyancers should offer their clients the same options he was given.

“I 100% recommend all conveyancers should provide their clients with an option to do the VOI digitally if they want to leave a good impression – it saved heaps of time and it’s easy enough for anyone to use.”

triVOI is a fraction of the cost and can be passed on as a disbursement.

For more information about the advantages of triVOI, book a free demonstration today.

Lexon issued an alert on third-party Verification of Identity (VOI) services. Lexon-insured practitioners can also access resources on the Lexon website.

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