Trends revealed in mining industry

The Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) has released its second background paper for the review of mining lease objections processes.

QLRC Executive Director Matthew Corrigan said the mining review team had travelled from North West Queensland to Western Australia to gain a greater understanding of mining lease processes across Australia.

“We have gained valuable insights during these meetings and consultations. Our findings have revealed trends relevant to the future of mining,” Mr Corrigan said.

“These trends are decarbonisation and the demand for critical minerals, the rising focus on ESG principles, increasing recognition and respect for First Nations rights and participation.”

Mr Corrigan said the review was taking place at a dynamic time for the mining industry.

“There are rapid developments in law, policy, technology, industry and science – all of which are occurring at a global, national and state level,” he said.


“The background paper, entitled Scanning the horizon: Queensland mining in the future, sets out key drivers shaping the future of mining in Queensland and considers their implications for the review.

“Its purpose is to give an understanding of the broader context in which our review of the administrative law process to decide contested applications for mining leases and associated environmental authorities in Queensland is taking place.”

Mr Corrigan said the review’s aim was to develop recommendations that ensured the process for deciding contested applications for mining leases and associated environmental authorities was fair, efficient, effective and contemporary.

For more information on the review and background paper, go to the QLRC website.

A consultation paper will be published by the end of May 2024.

The final report with recommendations will be given to the State Government by 30 June 2025.

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