Are law graduates ready for the real world?

A new research project is looking into whether Queensland law graduates and newly admitted lawyers are adequately prepared for the ‘real’ world.

Focus on voluntary assisted dying

QLS Proctor looks at how voluntary assisted dying is expected to work, and also republishes a 2019 special feature that offered a range of viewpoints on this topical subject.

Human Rights Week 2021

QLS Proctor embraces Human Rights Week 2021, an initiative of the Queensland Human Rights Commission running from 1 to 10 December.



2022 QLS President Kara Thomson sees the health and wellbeing of practitioners as a key concern as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow.
John Teerds
Much remains to be done in providing access to civil justice. Elizabeth Shearer defines the issue and seeks a practical solution.
QLS 2021 President Elizabeth Shearer

In business

Yale Hudson-Flux, Irene Gallagher and Meagan Liu were admitted to the legal profession at Banco Court on Wednesday 15 December.
Cayla Marchant

In practice

Glen Cranwell provides a ready reference guide for practitioners requiring assistance from interpreters, including practical tips to avoid legal matters becoming lost in translation.
Glen Cranwell


As restrictions continue to ease and we approach the year's end, are we forgetting COVID-19's effect on mental health?
Simon Playford

Outside the law

Please settle in and enjoy the ride as Shane Budden both roasts and toasts the year that was.
Shane Budden
Welcome to the QLS Proctor Christmas Box! The Box is a compilation of some new and old QLS Proctor favourites, along with articles you might have missed. We're also excited to release the first Proctor Podcast! Access them all here.