The QLS Access to Justice survey is now open. But what is Access to Justice and why is it important? Read here about why practitioners are passionate about Access to Justice and the value of having your say to help improve this area of law.

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The diversity journey

We’ve come so far – but it’s clear that more needs to be done to build a genuinely diverse and inclusive profession

COVID-19's legacy for justice

As we adjust back to ‘normal’, we ask: What is the new normal and is COVID-19 leaving a legacy that will improve the legal landscape for good?

Creating your new normal

Just like that our world changed. And while we weren’t ready for it, we do need to be ready for the new normal by refining and adapting our practice and procedures. Here are some perspectives, guidance and information to assist you.

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An honest and raw perspective from a practitioner who refuses to let anything bring him down.
Oliver Collins

In business

Beware – your window to the world gives the world a window on you!
Shane Budden
Third-party comments on your Facebook page are your problem, according to the New South Wales Court of Appeal.
Shane Budden

In practice


Michele Davis is a self-confessed succession nerd and a writer, researcher, educator and speaker. Michele has spent 9 years specialising in succession and elder law. Michele also celebrates passion, perseverance and positivity in law through her blog writing ( and QLS Proctor is excited to introduce Michele and M.A.D about law to our Wellbeing area where she will share her passion and positivity.
Michele Davis
Providing well-crafted, motivating feedback is both an art and a science. However, helping your team grow and develop through meaningful, personalised feedback is one of your most important responsibilities as a manager or leader. Here are some useful tips and suggestions to deliver feedback that leaves a strong and positive impact.
Rebecca Niebler
Do you have a personal brand, and why would you need one? Turns out you already have a brand – and the question is all about how you can control it and make it work for you, instead of leaving it up to chance.
Rebecca Niebler

Outside the law

Do I get nervous? Every. Single. Time. You hear of footballers having pre-game rituals, every time I got to court, I practice in my car and pretend the windscreen is the judge. If I don’t, I’m convinced I’ll stuff up and pronounce my own name wrong or call the judge ‘Mum!’
Lexi Kehl
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