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All practitioners and staff should take note of recent changes to sexual harassment legislation and ensure that firm cultures reflect modern societal expectations.
Rob Stevenson
This article serves as a reminder of the important role that people management plays in ensuring the success of your firm.
Rob Stevenson
Understanding the Legal Services Award 2020 – Annual leave, requests for flexible working arrangements and individual flexibility arrangements
Rob Stevenson
The Legal Services Award 2020 (the award) regulates the employment relationship for those employees falling within the coverage and classifications of the award.
Rob Stevenson
For mediators, it has created an immediate need to become familiar with the available videoconferencing platforms and to quickly become adept at using them.
Donna Cooper
Life has been anything but ‘9 to 5’ during coronavirus.
Joelene Nel
Several things that have come out of COVID-19 have created greater access to justice.
Luke Murphy
What measures should law firms and practitioners take when transitioning to work from home?
Shane Budden
There have been outpourings of goodwill, and the resilience and collegiality of our practitioners have stood out.
Luke Murphy
Our main objective during the COVID-19 pandemic is to help Queensland practices keep their doors open, and to help keep practitioners employed.
Rolf Moses
Handled poorly, appraisals can be a negative and uncomfortable experience.
Graeme McFadyen
There are five levels of ‘Legal clerical and administrative employee’ as well as classifications for ‘Law graduate’ and ‘Law clerk’.
Rob Stevenson

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