Outside the law

Please settle in and enjoy the ride as Shane Budden both roasts and toasts the year that was.
Shane Budden
Welcome to the QLS Proctor Christmas Box! The Box is a compilation of some new and old QLS Proctor favourites, along with articles you might have missed. We're also excited to release the first Proctor Podcast! Access them all here.
Art is flourishing in the shadow of Brisbane's courts, with a pop-up gallery delivering artworks that echo its name, Mostly Legal.
Tony Keim
For those who aren’t mechanically inclined, I advise that the brakes are the thing on the car which stops it from moving.
Shane Budden
Risk your mental wellbeing now with more disturbingly perceptive musings from Sarah-Elke Kraal.
Sarah-Elke Kraal
As she approaches the halfway mark in her year of presidency, QLS Proctor sat down with Dr Brasch to discuss some of the important issues she’s focusing on this year.
Lexi Kehl

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