Outside the law

So what do our judicial officers really wear under their robes?
Originally, I considered Personal Injury Law but ended up in Criminal Law. I have two uncles who were police officers and an aunty who was a Nun… so Criminal Law was a controversial choice… but here I am!
Lexi Kehl
Born and bred in Far North Queensland, Melissa completed her law degree at James Cook University in Townsville before working in Brisbane immediately after her admission to practice.
Wine has a difficult love-hate relationship with oxygen. As Sweet sang to us, walking that line can be tricky.
Matt Dunn
In the aftermath of the highs and lows of my own ‘chop’ journey, I can’t help but wonder, what makes so many of us do the ’do?
Sarah-Elke Kraal
As I may have mentioned before, when struggling for content, we have a dog (my family and I do, I mean; not you and me).
Shane Budden
On 29 February Michael Marshall of Thomson Geer Lawyers passed away after an illness of several months.
In the Star Wars universe, the Jedi are warrior-wizards and the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy; in the legal world, the Jedi are Ethics Solicitors, who guard the integrity of the legal profession itself. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves…
Shane Budden

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