Outside the law

In the second last year of my law degree, I fell pregnant with my son. I remember looking at the positive pregnancy test and saying to myself - "Okay Sarah. Just do it. You've got this."
, Lexi Kehl
When I passed my Bar exams in England in 1995, I swore blind I would never sit another law exam again. Except when my wife and I came to Australia in 2012, I had to complete another 9 academic units to be admitted as a lawyer over here.
, Lexi Kehl
Don’t sit idly by to wait for that change to happen and for other people to do that kind of work; be involved, and contribute to the dialogue, and help facilitate the passage of change – even in the simplest of ways.
, Sheetal Deo
Do I get nervous? Every. Single. Time. You hear of footballers having pre-game rituals, every time I got to court, I practice in my car and pretend the windscreen is the judge. If I don’t, I’m convinced I’ll stuff up and pronounce my own name wrong or call the judge ‘Mum!’
, Lexi Kehl
A misunderstanding over the offer of a table “outside” has almost landed a man in jail – after construing the interaction as an invitation for a fight.
Since the start of all this madness, weird things have been happening to grocery items – toilet paper trading higher than oil on the stock market, anti-bacterial wipes being hoarded like bullion – but the weirdest thing to me has been the disappearance of Oat Brits.
, Shane Budden
When I first started studying law, I had no understanding of legal concepts or how the industry worked. I’m now one of only a few barristers in Queensland who speak fluent Mandarin. I’m glad my language skills have been able to assist Mandarin-speaking litigants and the solicitors acting for them.
, Lexi Kehl
It is urban myth that wine improves with age. Some do but most don’t - not all wines are built for the longer term with the current trend for near-instantaneous consumption rewarding accessible winemaking. Most wine these days is purchased just hours before it is consumed and in the face of demand, few wineries invest in traditional wine-making for aging.
, Matt Dunn
Mid last year I had to ask my boss if I could work from home a couple of days a week. I was feeling exhausted and starting to struggle physically. I felt like I was failing and giving into my disease, and I hated it. Turns out my boss was completely supportive and accommodating. Really, that’s what working with a disability is all about – transparency on both sides.
, Lexi Kehl
So what do our judicial officers really wear under their robes?
Originally, I considered Personal Injury Law but ended up in Criminal Law. I have two uncles who were police officers and an aunty who was a Nun… so Criminal Law was a controversial choice… but here I am!
, Lexi Kehl

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