The primary role of courts is to provide access to justice, settle disputes, and uphold the rights of our citizens and good government. Yet they have not been given sufficient technological resources to function properly and efficiently in the modern world.
, Louise Corrigan
Growing interest in renewable energy will lead to rural clients leasing out land for solar or wind farms. Here's a primer for practitioners.
, Tony Randall
The guide, created by the members of the QLS Diverse Abilities Network, includes a list of simple measures that may assist people with diverse abilities who frequent or visit your workplace and in doing so, assist you in providing a more inclusive workplace.
, Sheetal Deo
Demand for the services Queensland Coronial Legal Service provides is set to increase as Queensland's population grows.
, Tony Keim
The legal profession often takes a conservative approach to change, but our generation is the first to have lived with unprecedented access and exposure to technology.
, Lexi Kehl
There has probably never been a time the legal profession needed its future leaders more than now. But, why?
, Matt Dunn
Michael and Dean have worked tirelessly to leave their rainbow mark on the legal profession. They're now encouraging others to do the same with the FLCE.
, Lexi Kehl
I am not totally blind, I am legally blind. There is a difference. The definitive classification is having a visual acuity of 6/60.
, Ashleigh DoRozario
Much time, energy and attention have been directed at diversity and inclusion initiatives in the legal profession in recent years.
, Teagan Lewis

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