This Friday is International Human Rights Day, marking the culmination of Human Rights Week in Queensland. This article joins other QLS Proctor features in marking this important event.
Steve Wettenhall
The new Queensland Human Rights Act begins to make a difference, as many realise for the first time how government decision making and actions affect their rights.
Sean Costello
Employment law and human rights experts Kristin Ramsey and Dan Rogers provide a legal context for the rapidly evolving issues springing from the mandatory vaccination regime.
Kristin Ramsey, Dan Rogers
In the fourth of a special series of articles on Queensland's voluntary assisted dying legislation, we look at some of the practical implications in terms of how it may be considered within advance health care planning.
Dr Brooke Thompson
By sharing the knowledge and information I have gained over the past 23 years in this profession, I am able to give clients a pathway to stay focused on the future and connect them to services and professionals that can get them to that outcome.
Tony Keim
As a woman and a mother myself, being involved in acting against domestic violence sends a message to my children, family and friends that I take this issue seriously and that as a community we need to each do what we can to stop domestic violence.
Tony Keim
I talk to people who are in need, who are dealing with stressful situations and who are sometimes emotional. This is challenging, at times, but has taught me the importance of empathy and compassion.
Tony Keim
I find myself in a circle of like-minded people who are doing their best by their community. The volunteers are a great bunch of people and I am fortunate to share their company.
Tony Keim

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