The guide, created by the members of the QLS Diverse Abilities Network, includes a list of simple measures that may assist people with diverse abilities who frequent or visit your workplace and in doing so, assist you in providing a more inclusive workplace.
Sheetal Deo
Demand for the services Queensland Coronial Legal Service provides is set to increase as Queensland's population grows.
Tony Keim
The legal profession often takes a conservative approach to change, but our generation is the first to have lived with unprecedented access and exposure to technology.
Lexi Kehl
There has probably never been a time the legal profession needed its future leaders more than now. But, why?
Matt Dunn
I am not totally blind, I am legally blind. There is a difference. The definitive classification is having a visual acuity of 6/60.
Ashleigh DoRozario
Much time, energy and attention have been directed at diversity and inclusion initiatives in the legal profession in recent years.
Teagan Lewis
Of all the emergency measures implemented to meet COVID-19, one of the most anticipated by the Queensland legal profession was the regulation to alter the law relating to the execution of documents.
Matt Dunn
For mediators, it has created an immediate need to become familiar with the available videoconferencing platforms and to quickly become adept at using them.
Donna Cooper
The COVID-19 challenge has caused disruption to the way we live and work like nothing in living memory.
Matt Dunn
That was because there was “a significant possibility that an innocent person has been convicted because the evidence did not establish guilt to the requisite standard of proof”1
Christopher Stackpoole

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