Hundreds of caged children as young as 10, sharing prison-style common areas with pedophiles, locked up for weeks in solitary confinement and wanting nothing more than to speak to their mothers.
, Tony Keim
Matt Dunn spoke with Jake Gardiner, the Legal Manager of Queensland law firm Claimify about being Australia’s first online personal injury claim platform and the process of developing a new online legal business model.
Nearly one year into the Human Rights Act 2019 and early signs are promising that human rights are having a practical and meaningful impact on the development of new laws, public sector decision making and the decisions of Queensland Court and Tribunals.
, Megan Fairweather
Natural and other disasters bring turmoil to our lives–they bring risk to personal and family safety, disruption to our daily routines, property loss and the inevitable long road to recovery. Disasters also bring the likelihood of derogation of human rights principles by Government. Sitting alongside necessary limitations is the spectre of unnecessary overreach by Government, whereby our guaranteed rights and standards can be stripped away. There one day, gone the next.
, Bill Mitchell OAM
The use of restrictive practices in Australia is often hidden, but they are applied routinely in many settings. It is critical that restrictive practices are applied legally, their use is governed by established principles, and is closely regulated to protect the rights, safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people who are subject to these practices.
, Mary Burgess

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