QLS First Nations Legal Coordinator Heather Ferris was fortunate to speak with Magistrate Jacqui Payne about her extraordinary journey to the judiciary.
Heather Ferris
The joint QLS and Supreme Court Library Exhibition, A Force For Good: past, present and future, was officially opened last night.
Natalie Gauld
QLS Law Clerks Jaime Gunning and Caiti Betts look back at the history of the Society's advocacy role over 150 years.
Caiti Betts, Jaime Gunning
QLS is celebrating 150 years of advocating for good law and serving the public good. In this two-part series, we look back on the Society's positive impacts on the community, starting with the first 75 years.
Caiti Betts, Jaime Gunning
In NAIDOC Week and as QLS celebrates its 150-year anniversary, we speak with the first Indigenous person to be appointed a judge of the Supreme Court in Queensland.
Heather Ferris
Today, 2012 QLS President Dr John de Groot continues to make contributions to the Queensland profession, a service that began shortly after his admission.
John Teerds
QLS highlights its First Nations journey during National Reconciliation Week 2023.
Heather Ferris
Dr Jeff Mann describes the issues and achievements that have marked his long association with QLS.
Dr Jeff Mann
How has the part women play in the legal profession changed over time? Queensland Law Society female Past Presidents share their reflections with QLS Proctor.
Cayla Marchant
Much has changed in the 150 years since the first Queensland law society was formed – take a look back at some of the key developments and events.

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