COVID-19: road out

Whether it was realistic or not, we can all be forgiven for feeling like maybe, just maybe, the new year could bring a brand new start... Alas, it didn’t quite pan out that way.
Michele Davis
Of all the emergency measures implemented to meet COVID-19, one of the most anticipated by the Queensland legal profession was the regulation to alter the law relating to the execution of documents.
Matt Dunn
Home detention gives us much to contemplate about COVID-19, nothing more so than our mortality in the face of a life threatening pandemic.
Christine Smyth
The COVID-19 challenge has caused disruption to the way we live and work like nothing in living memory.
Matt Dunn
Life has been anything but ‘9 to 5’ during coronavirus.
Joelene Nel
Responding to COVID-19 has impacted much of the way we practice law on a day to day basis. The need to isolate and respect social distancing has challenged the operation of our institutions in a way little had prepared us for.
Several things that have come out of COVID-19 have created greater access to justice.
Luke Murphy
What measures should law firms and practitioners take when transitioning to work from home?
Shane Budden
The effect of the subsidy is to deliver a ‘one-off’ 20% reduction in base levy rates compared to 2019/20
Michael Young

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