A star-spangled appointment

A recent high-profile appointment in legal circles resulted in The Court Whisperer being inundated with calls from former colleagues to remind us of the time he was snapped with Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue.

This pic was then used as a poster to promote that month’s edition of New Idea.

Who is the commissioner talking about?

There has been a lot of chatter and speculation up and down George Street after recent comments by Queensland Crime and Corruption Commissioner Alan MacSporran QC during an appearance before the parliamentary arm of the CCC.

What got tongues wagging was Mr MacSporran’s mention of “barristers who might be charged with serious offences” acting for clients during jury trials.

His exact words, taken from a transcript of the hearing, read: “If a lawyer is charged with a criminal offence involving breach of trust and so forth with criminal activity, I fail to see how it is in the best of interests of any client of theirs to continue to practise openly in public – for instance, barristers who might be charged with serious offences continuing to conduct jury trials where you suspect that the jurors would know that the counsel is appearing for the client and are themselves charged with a serious criminal offence.” Which has left many in the profession wondering…is he referring to someone, or others, in particular?

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