Celebrating our members​

QLS celebrates our loyal members who have contributed a remarkable 25 and 50 years to the Society and the profession.

Excellence in Law Awards

Meet this year’s QLS Excellence in Law Award winners. Read about their achievements and we showcase photos from the 2023 event.

150 years: Special series

This year, QLS is celebrating the 150-year anniversary since the first law society in Queensland with a series of feature articles. 


The national inquiry obtained testimony from 535 First Nations peoples and hundreds of letters and testimonies from other people.
Heather Ferris
If 19th century Queensland politicians are to be indicted for their blame in permitting frontier violence to occur, many would be indicted before Griffith.
the Honourable Justice Peter Applegarth AM


In practice


Yes, fatefully, Christmas brings together City Dwellers and those who live in the suburbs during the day; this is a bad idea.
Shane Budden
What I really need when car shopping is one of those camouflage suits the aliens in the Predator movies have.
Shane Budden

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