Elder abuse awareness

Legal practitioners, as trusted advisors, are in a key position to detect elder abuse among clients. QLS Proctor takes a closer look at the complex dynamics at play.

Focus on voluntary assisted dying

QLS Proctor looks at how voluntary assisted dying is expected to work, and also republishes a 2019 special feature that offered a range of viewpoints on this topical subject.

Human Rights Week 2021

QLS Proctor embraces Human Rights Week 2021, an initiative of the Queensland Human Rights Commission running from 1 to 10 December.



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In practice

In the legal world, the nuclear option is litigation, and just as Smith should have thought better of slapping Rock, we need to ensure our clients think long and hard before pulling the trigger on court action.
Shane Budden


As restrictions continue to ease and we approach the year's end, are we forgetting COVID-19's effect on mental health?
Simon Playford

Outside the law