Queensland Parole Board Deputy President Peter Shields helps break down some of the misconceptions about the role of the parole board.
Natalie Gauld
The initial 2023-24 Self-Review Return will need to be lodged between 1 July 2024 and 31 October 2024.
Richard Hundt
ADA Law Community Legal Service solicitors Karen Williams and Rebecca Anderson are advocating for greater engagement with older people.
QLS President Rebecca Fogerty yesterday wrote to The Courier Mail and Sunday Mail in response to comments by Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton.
Caxton Community Legal Centre's Cybele Koning and Kristin Ramsay talk about the service's move into the CBD and the need for volunteers.
Kristin Ramsey, Cybele Koning
The UQ/Prisoners' Legal Service Deaths in Custody Project was established in 2016. It is led by law students and supervised by Professor Tamara Walsh.
Mediate early and more than once if you’re not successful the first time.
Toby Boys
Moreover, she brought to the Bench humanity, compassion and empathy alongside courage and tenacity, and I say in 2024, the world needs more Margarets.
Rachael Field
The ‘no fear’ ethos filters down to suburban football grounds where young people play junior sport with stars in their eyes - and sadly sometimes in their heads.
Annette Greenhow
The national inquiry obtained testimony from 535 First Nations peoples and hundreds of letters and testimonies from other people.
Heather Ferris
If 19th century Queensland politicians are to be indicted for their blame in permitting frontier violence to occur, many would be indicted before Griffith.
the Honourable Justice Peter Applegarth AM
The Queensland Law Society is proud to announce publication of the Cultural Calendar 2024.
Heather Ferris
While the basics remain unchanged, new facets of modern life and practice require a few new guiding principles.
Petrina Macpherson

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