Principal forensic scientist and DNA expert witness Helen Roebuck discusses DNA expert 'evidence creep'.
Helen Roebuck
What law and policy interventions can the Queensland legal profession make to improve legal protection against extreme heat waves?
Monica Taylor
Agents referred matters to solicitors based on mutual confidence in their respective abilities, usually developed over time.
Shane Budden
Brisbane solicitor Philip Anthony reflects fondly on his time in Dalby, Gladstone and Toowoomba as a young lawyer.
Cayla Marchant
Lawyers have a role to play in allaying fears in the upcoming referendum according to Professor Paula Gerber and Dr Katie O'Byran from the faculty of law at Monash University.
As leaders, managers and bosses, we undoubtedly need to have a solid self-awareness of the impact we have on those in our charge.
Travis Schultz
QLS Law Clerks Jaime Gunning and Caiti Betts look back at the history of the Society's advocacy role over 150 years.
Caiti Betts, Jaime Gunning
QLS is celebrating 150 years of advocating for good law and serving the public good. In this two-part series, we look back on the Society's positive impacts on the community, starting with the first 75 years.
Caiti Betts, Jaime Gunning
Much has been written about the impact of AI on law firms, but is ignoring it altogether really an option?
Shane Budden
Every year NAIDOC committee announces a theme behind which we can unite, and link our celebrations. This year, rather appropriately the theme is For Our Elders.

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