Early career lawyers

Meet Princess Avia, the first interviewee for a special series on 'The Hub', an online resource for early career lawyers launched by the QLS Future Leaders Committee.
Yale Hudson-Flux, Irene Gallagher and Meagan Liu were admitted to the legal profession at Banco Court on Wednesday 15 December.
Cayla Marchant
The QLS Future Leaders Committee wraps up the year that was and looks forward to 2022.
Kate Pidgeon, Minnie Hannaford
A principal of a law firm has some words of advice for aspiring legal practitioners, having engaged in a number of recruitment processes over the last year.
Calvin Gnech
As an early career lawyer you will question yourself and what you are doing, feel overwhelmed, experience ups and downs, highs and lows and grow phenomenally.
Rochelle Ryan
‘Space law’, the body of law that governs space-related activities, is comprised of a constellation of international treaties overlaid with the domestic law of the relevant state.
Sarah Cahill, Samantha Byrne

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