Productivity tips for the first week back at work

It’s arguably the most dreaded week of the year … those first few days back at work after the holiday season.

No doubt you’re feeling a little sluggish, overfed and a suffering a classic case of ‘post-holiday blues’. These feelings can sometimes spell disaster for productivity levels and motivation.

So what can you do to pull yourself out of the festive season slump and feel recharged and rearing to go in 2021?

I’ve put together some quick productivity tips to get you into gear:

Create to-do lists and have ready for your return

There is nothing more satisfying than ticking off tasks as you complete them, you immediately feel a sense of progress, organisation and achievement. Try making a to-do list with actionable tasks that are easily completed and have them written down, ready to go as soon as you return to your desk in the New Year!

Ease yourself in …

Don’t rush into it, it might be easier for you to set three manageable tasks every day and focus on completing them before the week is out. By completing smaller tasks (even just catching up on emails!) you focus the mind and allow room for thinking and embracing the random jobs that come up. Set boundaries for yourself and avoid client work on the first day and don’t beat yourself up… any progress is still progress!


Create an organised work space

After 2020 you can never be too clean! Tidying and reorganise your desk space – whether it be at home or work – is not only a good hygiene habit but excellent for reorganising and regrouping your mental state. Tidy desk, tidy mind! Throwing out things you don’t need any more is the perfect way to hit the reset button.

Reconnect and network

Take some time to catch up with work colleagues for coffee or lunch within that first week. It’s a great way to reconnect with your network, get in the know-how as well as mentally get yourself up to scratch and prioritise what you have got on in the year ahead.

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