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Prison Uber?

We suspect this image of a prisoner transport wagon being loaded onto a tow truck in front of the Brisbane Magistrates Court on dusk resulted in some very unhappy inmates being left to languish in the court cells for the night, rather than returning to their regular remand digs and usual evening routine.

But, we can’t help thinking some entrepreneurial type could cash in on future prison transport breakdowns by providing a commercial ‘Crim Cabs’, sort of like Uber, service.

COVID-19 court attire

It has long been a topic for general conversation in court over the years. What do judicial officers really wear under their robes? Pretty much in the same vein as, say, is it possible the TV news anchor is wearing a pair of board shorts below the news desk while decked out in a coat and tie and flashy smile?

Well, one of our spies recently spotted one of the judiciary’s finest wandering the corridors in his COVID-19 comfy clothes – which consisted of a pair of ‘tracky dacks’, t-shirt and slippers. Said judge (think federal courts) was then seen to robe-up and enter court to hear a matter.

Now rather than run this item without confirmation, we did call the judge who did confirm his snappy attire. The only request from his Honour was that we make no mention of what kind of t-shirt he was wearing, or most members of the profession would know who he was. We were happy to oblige…but suspect it has something to do with his love of superhero cartoons.

And it is obvious he is not Robinson Crusoe. The Court Whisperer has a vivid memory of being kindly invited into a magistrate’s chambers for a quick coffee during a brief adjournment on a cold Saturday arrest court morning to find her Honour dressed in what we suspected would be her regular weekend gardening attire.


We’d love to hear if any readers can top these two robe toppers.

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