Government announces new court recording and transcript providers

The Queensland Government has unveiled its ‘new model’ for the delivery of Queensland court recording and transcription services as part of it Recording and Transcription (R&T) project.

Department of Justice and Attorney-General Director-General David Mackie said the R&T project was now one step closer to providing operational efficiencies, increasing security and driving cost competitiveness and quality outcomes for the benefit of court users across Queensland.

“I am very pleased to announce the selection of the preferred transcription service providers,” Mr Mackie said in a statement to Queensland Law Society.

“After a rigorous procurement evaluation process with representatives across Justice Services, Spark and Cannon Australasia Pty Limited (Spark & Cannon) and Epiq Australia Pty Limited (Epiq) have been selected as the preferred providers to supply transcription services to Queensland’s courts and tribunals under a panel arrangement.

“Spark & Cannon and Epiq are experienced transcription service providers who currently operate in multiple jurisdictions across Australia and I am confident that they will bring their vast knowledge and expertise to delivering this critical service for our State.

“In some of these other jurisdictions, these two transcription service providers have worked together in a panel arrangement. We are confident that Queensland Courts and Tribunals, the legal profession and other court users will benefit from these providers’ experience of working cohesively together and with the Department to deliver services and optimise outcomes for Queenslanders.


“A contract for Phase 1 of transcription services has been awarded to Spark & Cannon and Epiq under which they will work closely with our Department to demonstrate operational readiness in the lead up to Go Live in 2021.

“When the providers successfully complete the Phase 1 activities, they will be offered a contract for Phase 2 to undertake transcription services under the new service delivery model.

“The incumbent service provider, Auscript Australasia Pty Limited, will continue to provide services until the new service model commences.”

Mr Mackie said more details of the transition to the ‘new model’ would be revealed over coming months.

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