Warm home-town welcome for Judge

Judge Trevino KC was officially welcomed at the Cairns courthouse today. Photo: 8PT Chambers

It was a friendly home-town welcome for new Cairns District Court Judge Trevino KC today.

Judge Trevino was sworn in on 11 September 2023 and welcomed in a Brisbane ceremony on 4 October, along with new appointees Judge Power KC and Judge Heaton KC.

Today was a chance for the local law profession to welcome back one of their own in an official ceremony in Court 1 of the Cairns courthouse.

Judge Trevino has been a leading defence lawyer in the Far North for the past 18 years. He was called to the bar in 2005 and appointed Senior Counsel in 2020.

Welcoming him to the bench today was Far North Queensland Law Association President Jerry Tucker, on behalf of the Queensland Law Society and “in particular this district’s 330 solicitors, to welcome Your Honour to your new home here in beautiful Cairns”.

“Your Honour’s rich experience and demonstrated commitment to the rule of law is critically important to the work of this court,” she said.


“Your Honour will be presiding over one of the busiest of courts traversing the complexity of both significant criminal and civil law jurisdictions.  This Court also encompasses the specialist jurisdictions of the Planning and Environment Court and the Children’s Court of Queensland.

“It is an onerous responsibility you accept.  You can be assured of the support of the solicitors of Far North Queensland.

“In many respects this welcome today is a welcome home.”

At the Brisbane welcome ceremony, His Honour stated he was embraced by the local profession and strongly supported by the solicitors of Far North Queensland after moving north nearly two decades ago.

“In fact, Your Honour quipped that the warmness of your reception was only matched by our tropical heat. I can assure you as our summer heat prevails so does the warmth of our regard for you,” Ms Tucker said.

“Your Honour is universally liked and admired amongst our Cairns legal profession. The solicitors of Far North Queensland remain your steadfast and strong supporters.


“The people of Queensland are indeed well served when a leading practitioner at the peak of their career is willing to take on the yoke of public service by accepting a commission as a judge of this honourable court.  For your willingness to do this, the solicitors branch of the profession thank you.”

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath, at the Brisbane welcome ceremony, said “Judge Trevino has earned a glowing reputation as one of the finest legal minds in the state’s north”.

“Given Your Honour’s commitment to the Far North it is only appropriate you sit in Cairns.”

Judge Trevino KC joins Judge Morzone KC and Judge Fantin sitting in Cairns.

Earlier this month, Judge Trevino said: “It is a great comfort to me that I will be sharing chambers with them. We were colleagues at the bar and now we are colleagues again and I hope that we will make an effective team of three.

“I hope that I will be able to repay the trust that has been shown in me. I am honoured by the opportunity to serve the community in this new role. I’m happy to be a resident judge sitting in Cairns.


“In my early years as a barrister, I was incredibly lucky to be mentored by some absolute titans of the regional bar. It was a privilege to learn my craft as a barrister from such great teachers.”

Ms Tucker also spoke of Judge Trevino’s teachers and mentors.

“Your Honour brings with you a storied legal tradition having been associate to two pre-eminent judges of the Supreme Court of Queensland, the Honourable Justice John Jerrard and the now President of the Court of Appeal, the Honourable Justice Debra Mullins AO,” she said.  

“Throughout your career at the bar, your Honour displayed eminent legal and advocacy skills.

“We know well of your expert cross-examination skills, which often involve some persuasive theatrics and Your Honour’s ability to perform, no matter the circumstance, even alighting once from the wrong door of your Ford Falcon Sapphire.

“Your Honour possesses all the hallmarks of fine judge, very much in the mould of your Justice Jerrard and President Mullins. We can be confident that the people and matters that come before your Honour will be heard with understanding and respect.


“Your Honour will be an asset to this District Court. Your Honour’s legal skills, deft competence and deep knowledge, will bring considerable benefit to this distinguished court and the people of Far North Queensland.”

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