Human rights group official

Justice Peter Applegarth chaired the Human Rights Law Association's launch event in Brisbane on April 30.

The Human Rights Law Association (HRLA) is now official, following its inaugural oration in Brisbane last week.

At the Banco Court last Tuesday, HRLA Patron Pamela Tate KC spoke on Proportionality under Australian State-level human rights statutes, with Griffith University Human Rights Law Professor Sarah Joseph responding.

Pamela Tate KC

Justice Peter Applegarth chaired the event, which was followed by a Q&A session and drinks.

HRLA Deputy President Kent Blore said the launch of the association, which was formed last year, was a success.

“The Honourable Pamela Tate delivered a thought-provoking paper on the role of proportionality analysis under the Australian Human Rights Acts, weaving in the deep history of proportionality and opening up interesting questions for the future about the differences between the general limitations clauses in the ACT, Victoria and Queensland,” Kent said.


Professor Sarah Joseph

“Professor Sarah Joseph provided a comment that ranged from the possibility of justified torture to the nature of proportionality itself, and whether it gives enough priority to human rights.

“There was a buzz among the attendees afterwards outside the Banco Court, and a real excitement about the future of the association.”

The HRLA is now registered as a national charity. Membership is open to lawyers, academics, students and anyone else interested in the law of human rights in Australia.

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