Korean lawyers branch in Queensland

Queensland now has its own branch of the Korean-Australian Lawyers Association. Photo: Supplied

The Korean-Australian Lawyers Association (KALA) has expanded and now has a Queensland branch.

KALA Queensland held its inaugural event in April with more than 40 enthusiastic members attending.

KALA Qld President Roy Kim, officially opened the branch, saying: “Around this time last year, we had a networking event for Korean-Australian lawyers, and about 65 people attended. We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout and realised that if we unite as a community, we can not only have fun but also achieve meaningful goals together.

“When I was a junior lawyer, I had doubts about my direction and goals. Having senior lawyers around provided me with invaluable guidance. I believe for junior lawyers and law students it will be extremely helpful for this type of guidance to be there.

“After becoming a senior lawyer, you might feel lonely. As the number of juniors increase, seniors adapt and move onto different paths. Each person ends up dealing with their own loneliness and challenges in their respective fields and positions. [KALA] is not just about having fun or networking. It’s about creating a community where we can communicate with each other and progress through education and mutual support.”

Committee member Jason Hong said the milestone represented a major step forward for the Queensland Korean-Australian community, as KALA provided support that was previously unavailable for both lawyers and members of the public.


“We, KALA Qld, are committed to strengthening the connections between Korean-Australian lawyers, both current and emerging, and intend to host a number of events such as mentoring, CPD and social events throughout the year to help achieve this,” he said.

“We also look forward to collaborating with the broader Australian-Korean and Australian legal community to undertake further meaningful work.” 

KALA was founded in NSW in 2011 with the mission to: support the Korean-Australian community, including offering pro-bono services; offer mentorship and support for law students; and facilitate networking and professional development opportunities for Korean-Australian lawyers, through events and forums.

Jason said the Queensland branch had the same mission as the parent body, but specifically to support the Queensland community.

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