Mentors share admission pride

Many of us will recall the names of our favourite and most influential teachers. New lawyer Jacob Klease never forgot his legal studies teacher and even invited her to his admission ceremony.

The Governance Officer was one of more than 80 newly admitted lawyers in Brisbane last Monday at Banco Court. There were also admission sittings in Cairns on Friday and Rockhampton yesterday.

“I suppose that the real nexus for me studying law was taking legal studies as an elective in senior high school,” Jacob recalled.

“Some teachers leave an indelible mark on students and my legal studies teacher, Sakuna Jambunathan, certainly left such an impression on me.

Jacob and Sakuna Jambunathan.

“Her passion for spotting potential in students and going out of her way to assist them in realising that potential is laudable. She has been a constant champion of mine and consider myself blessed to be able to call her a mentor and a close friend.”

And another of Jacob’s mentors, MacDonald Law Director and Queensland Law Society Councillor Sarah-Jane MacDonald moved his admission.


“I first met Sarah-Jane when I applied to work at MacDonald Law as a settlements clerk, back when conveyancing settlements were still a mad dash of paper and cheques,” he said.

“Sarah-Jane was the first legal professional to really take me under their wing and invest in my professional development. I’m extremely appreciative of the time I had working with her as firstly the settlements clerk and then her assistant, because I really got to witness (and benefit from) the way in which she champions and supports younger people who want to start a career in the law.

“I think it was a bit of a full-circle moment having her there to move my admission as someone I look up to and who has given me so many opportunities.”

Jacob said he was “a little anxious” walking into the court complex on admission morning.

“I’m the first of my parents and siblings to have completed university and gone on to achieve something like this, so I think I felt a bit of a responsibility to make them proud. It was a huge boon to have my family, friends and colleagues there to (silently) cheer me on.

“It is slightly daunting sitting in the Banco Court surrounded by other legal professional-hopefuls on full display for the bench as you wait to confirm that all your hard work over the years has paid off. However, the rush of relief and fulfilment that you feel after your admission has been granted makes it all worthwhile.”


The Honourable Justice Morrison, who constituted the Court along with Justices Flanagan and Bradley, said it was “an exciting time to join the legal profession”.

“Now more than ever, your words and actions have an impact. You’ll be heard and taken seriously when you speak up about things that are unfair or unjust. You should do that,” he said.

“You are the future of this great profession, you will steer in the direction it goes, you should take that seriously.”

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