I credit my journey into the legal profession to a conversation I had with my late-grandmother in England when I was 12 years old.
, Sheetal Deo
Lord Atkin’s seminal analysis has been the foundation of the law of negligence throughout the common law world.
, Bevan Hughes
We are now relying on phone and videoconferencing facilities. It might seem easy enough to simply subscribe to an online videoconferencing provider – but have you considered the need for staff training to highlight security features and concerns of your chosen videoconferencing platform?
, QLS Ethics and Practice Centre
The immediate crisis and panic of those last weeks in March may have passed, but the ‘new normal’ is likely to be here for some months to come.
, Rob Stevenson
Working remotely for an extended period can present new challenges, especially for parents when schools are closed. So, how can you stay productive while working from home?
, Petris Lapis
As we all struggle to adapt to our new, post-COVID-19 environment, it will be interesting how businesses adapt to evolve to not only survive in this brave new world. The legal industry is no different.
, Brendan Nyst
In 2018, Justice Bradley advised us to “make friends and ask for help” when we go the Bar. This advice applies to junior solicitors too.
, Sheetal Deo
It is one of the most heartbreaking and shocking statistics for any Australian state or territory, but the over-representation of First Nations people in our jails is both a tragedy and ongoing human rights crisis.
The Coronavirus presents a significant challenge to all businesses. Professional services are no different.
, Graeme McFadyen
For obvious reasons, the implementation of these newly minted laws fell into the remit of the reconstituted
, Tony Keim
Queensland taxpayers are slugged an average $293 a day to house, feed, clothe and care for each and every person held in detention.
My friend’s supervisors have been extremely supportive – she is working remotely and attending meetings where possible.
, Julie Gilfoyle
Diversity and inclusion is high on the agenda in most organisations because of the benefits and positive impacts it delivers – greater profitability and productivity, and a happier, more engaged workforce.
, Louise Corrigan
The law and the frameworks of policing, justice and public service fail to understand and appropriately accommodate authentic First Nations realities. These frameworks create untold damage every day which remains unaddressed.

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