Diversity and inclusion

Can a world exist where employees don’t fear speaking out or speaking up? In the current climate, this isn’t the case and the fear is very real.
Lauren Phelps
Some years ago I found myself on a panel reviewing applications from law students for summer clerkship positions in a law firm. As we worked through the amazing applications from outstanding students, I began to seriously question my credentials for the role.
Fiona Yeang
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are disproportionately and systemically oppressed by the justice system. I wanted to utilise the privileges I have in accessing tertiary education to gain qualifications in an area where I can become an advocate for, and empower, my people.
Sheetal Deo
Whether to conceal or disclose to an employer that you are disabled is a dilemma faced by many - do you "come out" as a person with a disability or not?
Fiona Yeang
The guide, created by the members of the QLS Diverse Abilities Network, includes a list of simple measures that may assist people with diverse abilities who frequent or visit your workplace and in doing so, assist you in providing a more inclusive workplace.
Sheetal Deo
An honest and raw perspective from a practitioner who refuses to let anything bring him down.
Oliver Collins
Mid last year I had to ask my boss if I could work from home a couple of days a week. I was feeling exhausted and starting to struggle physically. I felt like I was failing and giving into my disease, and I hated it. Turns out my boss was completely supportive and accommodating. Really, that’s what working with a disability is all about – transparency on both sides.
Lexi Kehl
I am not totally blind, I am legally blind. There is a difference. The definitive classification is having a visual acuity of 6/60.
Ashleigh DoRozario
Much time, energy and attention have been directed at diversity and inclusion initiatives in the legal profession in recent years.
Teagan Lewis
Diversity and inclusion is high on the agenda in most organisations because of the benefits and positive impacts it delivers – greater profitability and productivity, and a happier, more engaged workforce.
Louise Corrigan

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