The not-so-secret life of pets during a pandemic

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, workers across the state are beginning the transition back to the office.

As we retrieve our long-forgotten office wear from storage and practice our best breakroom small talk, here at Proctor, we couldn’t help but think of our furry workmates who have gotten us through a rough few months.

In the name of good journalism, we’ve spoken to some QLS cats and canines to fully understand the impact of working from home, in their own words.

Bonnie the pup

This. Is. The. Life. I’m no mathematician but there has been at least a 200 per cent increase in playtime.  Work-from-home has been the best months of my life! My humans love showing me off on their screen thing and I get five walks a day.

Last Friday, I tried to bring Mum a present from the yard to say thank you but when she found it on her bed, she didn’t look real grateful. So let me ask you… Who doesn’t like possums?

Habibi the cat

The humans have encroached on my space for far too long – this has to end soon. My life used to be purrfect. At 7am they used to leave (thank god), at 7.30am I convinced the dog to bring me snacks, at 8am I napped on the cashmere cushion, specially reserved for me.


Why have they returned? Why can’t they let an old lady like me retire in peace? I deserve quiet. I deserve sanity. At least they have warm laps to sleep on but once I fall into a sweet slumber – don’t you dare move!

Ellie the nervous Nellie

I know something is up. Dad put on real pants the other day and Mum has stocked up on food – I knew it, they’re leaving, aren’t they?

I should’ve picked up on it when mum sent me to the doggy spa. Thought she could distract me with lavender oil and puppy pedicures? No way. I’m much too smart for distraction tactics.

After all these months, they’re abandoning me?  Leaving me to chase birds around the yard – is this the thanks I get? My heart beats out of my chest just thinking about it… Excuse me, I’m just going to double-check they haven’t left in the last 30 seconds since we’ve been talking. You never can be too sure these days!

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