MAIC: Consistent CTP approach on treatment expenses

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) says all licensed CTP insurers are now adopting a consistent approach in approving reasonable and appropriate treatment expenses.

According to a statement, MAIC says it has provided guidance to all insurers on treatment costs suggesting that the cost is in line with what a member of the public without a CTP insurance claim would be charged for the same service, and that the fee is in line with normal market rates.

It says that it was never intended that there be a schedule of fees or caps on fees for Queensland CTP claims.

“Equally, this does not mean insurers should not challenge instances involving excessive fees or treatment – but this should be done in relation to the specific cases where the conduct occurs,” the statement said.

“Injured claimants are at liberty to choose their treatment provider and the treatment regime and cost should be reasonable and appropriate.”

MAIC says it is planning a meeting of stakeholders to ensure clarity around the intent and application of the scheme approach to treatment expenses.

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