COVID-19: Update from QLD Corrective Services

22 January 2021 –

In response to yesterday’s announcements regarding the further easing of restrictions for the Greater Brisbane area, in line with QLD Health advice, effective from 1am this morning 22 January 2021, all correctional centres and Community Corrections offices in QLD have returned to Stage 1 restrictions.

With this change, bookings for personal and professional visits to correctional centres, including in person professional legal visits, will resume from today 22 January 2021. Visitor restrictions have again been lifted, with the exception of –   

  • Restrictions for any visitations by a person to any corrective services facility who has been in a COVID-19 hotspot in the preceding 14 days or since the hotspot was declared, whichever is the shorter.

Visitors to QLD correctional centres, including legal representatives, must wear a mask only where social distancing cannot be maintained, or as otherwise directed by QLD Health. Health screening and temperature checks of approved visitors will continue.

Production of prisoners from any correctional centre for appearances in Court where the in-person appearance is required, will be facilitated. Prisoners will not be subject to COVID-19 isolation upon return to custody from Court, unless advised by QLD Health personnel. QCS continues to support the use of video conferencing for appearances where this is viable.

11 January 2021 –


Queensland Corrective Services have advised of the following with respect to the status of visitor restrictions to Correctional Centres –

  • All personal and professional visits to Correctional Centres with the exception of Maryborough, Capricornia, Townsville and Lotus Glen, including in person professional legal visits, will remain suspended at this time, until otherwise determined on the advice of the Chief Health Officer and QLD Health. 
  • Additionally, restrictions on in person personal and professional legal visits will be in place to any of the other four correctional centres outside of the Greater Brisbane area outlined above, if the visitor has been in the Greater Brisbane area on or after 2 January 2021, unless 14 days have passed since the visitor has been in the Greater Brisbane area.  

Video conferencing to facilitate legal representative contact will remain available within affected Centres and to affected persons, and bookings will need to be made with Centres for these to occur through the usual channels.

8 January 2021 – Queensland Corrective Services have advised that effective from today and at the request of Queensland Health and the Chief Health Officer (CHO) the following:

  1. Only QCS and QHealth staff and other essential workers with authorisation will be permitted entry to secure correctional facilities and low custody sites within the South East of QLD. All personal and professional visits, including in-person professional legal visits, will be restricted.   

    1. These restrictions will extend to all facilities in the South East QLD corner including Woodford CC;
    2. Centres, where these restrictions do not apply, are – Maryborough, Capricornia, Townsville, and Lotus Glen. In-person legal visits in these locations can continue.
    3. Video conferencing to facilitate legal representative contact will remain available.
  2. Production of prisoners who are domiciled in facilities in the South East QLD corner including Woodford CC for in-person Court appearances today 8 January 2021 and Monday 11 January 2021 will require the cancellation, as movements of prisoners from the above Centres will not be facilitated. Alternate arrangements for appearances, including appearance via Video Conference, would need to occur if required.

The above requirements will remain in place until at least midnight on Monday 11 January 2021.

*Practitioners are advised that as the situation may change quickly, we will endeavour to keep you updated as more information comes to hand via Proctor online here. Updates from the Queensland Government’s response to COVID-19 can be found here.

For further information, please visit the QCS website here.

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