QCS revises COVID management responses

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) has revised its approach to COVID-19 management, allowing greater centre-based responses proportionate to point-in-time risks.

The former four-stage Custodial Operations COVID Planning Tool has been decommissioned and a new Custodial Operations Pandemic Response Planning Tool developed, which commenced from 3 May.

The approach to COVID-19 in correctional centres now consists of three response levels – Baseline, Standard and Elevated.

QCS says the revised response to COVID-19 provides increased flexibility for general managers of correctional centres to apply and remove risk mitigation strategies and controls as required.

During operations within the Standard or Baseline Response level, prisoners will no longer be subject to seven days of COVID-19 isolation on initial reception into a correctional centre, unless advised by Queensland Health personnel.

Isolation requirements for prisoners including those identified as being COVID-19 positive, as close contacts, or as suspected cases, will continue to be determined through individual assessments on the advice of Queensland Health. 


All correctional centres in Queensland are currently operating within the Standard Response level.

See the revised QCS Custodial Operations Pandemic Response Planning Tool.

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