The inaugural Future Leaders Committee takes flight

With nine members in Brisbane, one in Townsville and another based in Washington DC, the inaugural Future Leaders Committee (FLC) certainly didn’t let long-distance get in the way of their very first in-person induction last night, at the Law Society House.

After a big election last October, this group of lawyers are the first democratically elected committee of members making up the FLC.

With their careers spanning across a wide range of legal areas, the committee is keen to use their diverse experiences and expectations to represent and advocate on behalf of their peers and help shape the future of the legal profession.

QLS President Elizabeth Shearer and CEO Rolf Moses spent the evening personally getting to know the FLC members and guiding them through their expectations of the committee for the next 12 months.

Rolf Moses spoke about the importance of their roles in assisting QLS Council in a number of areas including policy submissions to the Queensland Government, cultural change in the profession, mental health support, access to justice and ensuring law students are job-ready when entering the profession. 

“The sky’s the limit with what this group can achieve!” Mr Moses said.


The Future Leaders Committee are due to meet again on February 25th to begin their strategic planning for the next 12 months and vote in their new FLC President and FLC Deputy President.

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