Queensland Corrective Services Update – COVID-19

15 April 2021

In response to this morning’s announcements regarding the further easing of restrictions for Brisbane and broader Queensland, in line with QLD Health advice, all correctional centres across Queensland will lift restrictions and return to Stage 1 operations from 6am,15 April 2021.

With the reversion to Stage 1, visits to correctional centres recommence, and bookings for personal and professional visits to centres, including in person professional legal visits, will resume from tomorrow.

Prisoners will continue to be produced for Court appearances where required, and will no longer be subject to COVID-19 isolation upon return to custody from Court, unless advised otherwise by QLD Health personnel.

The wearing of masks by visitors to QLD correctional centres, including legal representatives, is strongly encouraged in circumstances where social distancing cannot be maintained, or as otherwise directed by QLD Health. Health screening and temperature checks of approved visitors will continue.

Stage 3 restrictions have been reinstated in prisons. Under stage 3 restrictions, the following takes effect – 

  • All personal and professional in person visitations, including by legal representatives, are suspended at the following correctional centres –
    • Arthur Gorrie
    • Borallon
    • Brisbane
    • Brisbane Women’s
    • Wolston
    • Southern Queensland
    • Woodford
    • Helena Jones, Numinbah, and Palen Creek; and
    • Princess Alexandra Hospital Secure Unit
  • Non-critical movements of prisoners outside of centres are minimised in Stage 3 due to the risks, however production of prisoners from any correctional centre for appearances in Court where the in-person appearance is still required, will be facilitated. The use of video conferencing, where viable, is preferred by Corrections but requests by Corrections should be referred to the presiding judicial officers.
  • Prisoners who are transferred by Corrections for in-person Court appearances (including trial attendance), may be required to isolate for 14 days upon their return to custody from Court on the advice of Queensland Health personnel, a timeframe which may reset upon each subsequent return to a prison from Court.

These arrangements will remain in place until further notice from Queensland Corrective Services and any changes informed by Queensland Health advice, as it becomes available.

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