Land Court launches Procedural Assistance Service

The Land Court has launched a dedicated Procedural Assistance Service website to assist self-represented litigants in the court.

Self-represented litigants requiring assistance with court procedures can also book a meeting with a registry staff member and meet in person, by phone or videoconference.

The Procedural Assistance Service page consolidates accessible information of an introductory nature. Practitioners might find this helpful for clients who are seeking to understand their Land Court matter at a high level and the usual process which will be followed in typical cases.

The webpage covers:

  • the types of cases which can be brought to the Land Court
  • general information about the Land Court process – including explanations of directions hearings and reviews, what to do if the litigant can’t attend in person and how to prepare for hearings
  • land valuation appeals
  • mining and resources matters, including mining objection hearings and mining compensation applications
  • Indigenous cultural heritage
  • resolving cases by agreement – covering preliminary conferences, mediations and case appraisal processes for Land Access Disputes
  • Land Court forms.

The page also includes links to the consolidated practice directions for the Land Court and to the Land Appeal Court.

The Land Court has also set up a dedicated room at the court with computer access for self-represented litigants.

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