SEQ correctional centres move to Stage 3 restrictions

From 1am today, correctional centres from Maryborough south have reverted to Stage 3 operations in response to the heightened risk of COVID-19 transmission in the community in south-east Queensland.

These centres are:

  • Arthur Gorrie
  • Borallon
  • Brisbane
  • Brisbane Women’s
  • Helena Jones, Numinbah and Palen Creek
  • Maryborough
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital Secure Unit
  • Southern Queensland
  • Wolston
  • Woodford

The Escort and Security Branch, the QCS Academy, and Community Corrections offices from Hervey Bay south to the New South Wales border will also implement Stage 3 restrictions.

Under Stage 3, the following matters of relevance to courts and legal practitioners take effect for these correctional centres:

  • All personal and professional in person visits, including by legal representatives, are suspended.
  • Non-critical movements of prisoners outside of centres are minimised due to the risks. Production of prisoners from any correctional centre for court appearances where the in-person appearance is still required, will be facilitated by QCS. The use of video conferencing where viable, is preferred.
  • Prisoners transferred for in-person court appearances (including trial attendance), may be required to isolate for 14 days upon their return to custody from court on advice of Queensland Health personnel, a timeframe which may reset upon each subsequent return to a centre from court.

Due to a number of QCS staff affected as a result of a detected COVID case having worked at the Brisbane City Watch House, impacts to operations may be experienced, however QCS will focus on ensuring service to the courts where required.

The above restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

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