Michael Lynch Family Lawyers celebrates 25 years

Michael Lynch's firm celebrates 25 years.

Family law firm Michael Lynch Family Lawyers reached its 25-year milestone in July 2021.

It was launched in 1996 as Brisbane’s first dedicated family law firm and today is Queensland’s largest practising family law.

Family law is a dynamic area of the law where both social change and changes in the law are constant. There have been substantial changes in child support, parenting, property agreements and de facto law, to name a few.

Managing Director Michael Lynch acknowledges the challenges the legal practice has faced in recent times, saying “2020 set a new benchmark in resilience levels for everyone, and that has only strengthened us.”

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers have recently had three lawyers commencing at the firm and two staff celebrate 10-year anniversaries.

“It is a very satisfying and rewarding area of the law to work in, for people to open up to you about their most personal challenges is a real privilege,” Michael said.


Fellow Directors Tarah Tosh and Amy Honan highlight the importance of tailoring their advice for individual clients and families and treating their clients with compassion.

Tarah said it is necessary when working with child-focused family law cases, to “advise clients what sort of parenting arrangements will suit a particular child, given their developmental needs – that’s more important than something that’s on a piece of paper that’s not actually workable for that family”.

“If you don’t have emotional intelligence, then you’re just going to tell them ‘this is what the Family Law Act says. And this is the outcome that you’re going to get’,” she said.

Amy added that “getting advice early, particularly with parenting matters, could be the best way to salvage a co-parenting relationship”.

She recommends making sure that “when the client walks out from the initial consultation, they have tailored advice and know what the next steps are going to be for them”.

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