Why are so many law firms opening virtual offices?

Clarence specialises in providing office space for legal professionals in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. With more than 600 legal practices, Clarence is Australia’s largest independent group of solicitors. Our community is similar in size to a significant national firm.

In the last few months, we have been experiencing our highest ever growth in virtual offices. And this is in all states. That got us to thinking why? The ABS notes that there was a 7.0% increase in the number of businesses in Australia from 2021-2022.  The biggest growth was experienced in Victoria, where there was a 10% increase. Growth means the need for office space, but the last few years have made most of us very wary of committing to rental space until we know that we actually need it and have the revenue to support it. 

Hence the increase in virtual offices. That’s where you have an address in a city (for Clarence, that is CBD Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne), can access meeting rooms and co working space when you are in town, have your mail forwarded and calls answered and get IT help when you need it. And there is a big range of services you can choose, starting simple and growing, depending on your needs.

Virtual offices are the best way to ‘dip your toes in the water’ and decide whether you want to expand interstate. They are also great if you have a client based in Brisbane with offices in Sydney or Melbourne that you may need to meet. If you join Clarence as a Virtual Office member, you can even attend our networking events interstate and start to build your referrers and build relationships with your peers.

Virtual offices are perfect for you if you are based on the Gold or Sunshine Coast, or anywhere in regional Queensland. A virtual office enables you to have a Brisbane base when in town, and service your clients there when you need.

Clarence offers month to month service fees with no set up costs or exit fees, so you really can test the waters first.  What is interesting though is why our clients leave as Virtual Members. Many of them do it to upgrade to a permanent office space with us. They become accustomed to our services and the quality of our spaces. They love working with peers and building their own Clarence networks.

Virtual offices are perfect for people starting out with a practice of their own, regional based firms or practices looking to expand interstate.

As a partner of Queensland Law Society, Clarence has a special offer as part of their Spring Back In promotion where you can join up as a virtual member and receive two months free! Really, what do you have to lose?

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