Priority Legal Services succeeds in extensive interstate expansion

Priority Legal Services (PLS) has more than quadrupled its growth in the last 18 months off the back of a successful expansion.

With only four members at the Brisbane-based firm when the COVID-19 pandemic started, expansion was the last thing on the PLS owners’ minds. However, the booming Australian property market, which many didn’t predict, forced PLS to adapt and expand.

Taking advantage of the Australia-wide property surge, PLS office manager, senior property paralegal and conveyancer Chantel Priddey, and the ownership team, decided to expand its Queensland practice nationwide.

Chantel spoke to triSearch recently, saying that while the expansion was difficult with procuring the staff needed to handle the growing workload, they are finally fully staffed, which has resulted in a better work/life balance for the entire team.

“It was a challenge to fill the roles in the industry,” Chantel said. “Everyone was out there looking to fill gaps and no one was available. People were being poached; everyone was willing to pay ridiculous wages, so it was difficult.

“That was our focus for the last 18 months. And now that we’re finally fully staffed, we’re able to work on our processes and systems to ensure we all have a good work/life balance while improving our workflows.”

Workflows crucial for PLS success

Priority Legal Services is different to most small firms in that we specialise in conveyancing not only in Queensland but New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Because of this, it is very important to ensure all new employees are trained in property matter workflows for each state to ensure that each matter is handled diligently and effectively, providing a smooth transaction to settlement.

Fortunately, the business is supported by the all-in-one conveyancing software, triConvey.

The integrated search and software solution offers built-in state-by-state customised workflow suggestions, which became crucial to the training and workflows of PLS.

Chantel said: “We love our workflows here, it’s so important to us because on any given day we could be doing matters from each different state, all of which have different workflows created to ensure each matter proceeds smoothly.

“Using the tasks in triConvey has made a considerable difference, especially with our newcomers who were originally trained only in Queensland matters.

“Thankfully, our new team members can simply follow the tasks set out in triConvey as you can specify which state to begin the matter in, and each is accompanied by customised workflows.

“This really helps when jumping state to state, I am always telling the staff, ‘If you stick to the workflows, it’s very hard for something to be missed’, especially while our newcomers still learn the different workflows.”

PLS utilises key eConveyancing tools

In addition to the built-in workflows, PLS also takes advantage of the various key stakeholder integrations, including triVOI, SecureExchange through triSettle, PEXA workspace and automated billing.

Chantel said PLS finds triVOI “really quick and easy to use” when asked about the difference in efficiency between more traditional methods and the digital eConveyancing tool.

She added: “As soon as the technology came out, I insisted we use it right away.

“Using triVOI is more convenient for us and our clients because the post office VOI is expensive and it’s hard to ask our clients who are working full-time jobs to take time out of their day to get a post office and pay up to $60 for a VOI. It’s simply not feasible for most clients.”

Praising the triConvey automations, Chantel singled out the automated billing as a favourite of hers, recommending the conveyancing package to all her colleagues.

“triConvey has been excellent as the costs and pricing go directly into the billing system. It is paramount for us to have this, especially with new staff,” she said.

“They have been able to learn the billing and the layout of triConvey quickly.

“Honestly, I recommend it to anyone and have already recommended it to a few colleagues who have made the switch.”

You can learn how triConvey can transform your business’ workflows and efficiencies by making the switch today, simply book a free demonstration.

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