Resignation of QLS Councillor Allison Caputo

QLS Councillor Allison Caputo has been appointed as a Judicial Registrar to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, commencing on 16 January.

The appointment has resulted in her resignation from QLS Council.

QLS Immediate Past President Kara Thomson advised the Council in December: “It is with some sadness, but also with much pleasure that I inform you Allison Caputo has resigned from Council after many years of valued contributions. Allison has been a critical and highly regarded member of our Council.”

Councillor Caputo thanked the Council for its support and collegiality over the last three years. She said that “joining QLS has broadened my knowledge of the profession beyond expectation and widened my circle of wonderful professional contacts and friends. I feel very privileged to have served on Council.”

2023 QLS President Chloe Kopilovic said that the resignation was a loss for Council but an excellent appointment for the court.

Following a Council resolution, it is anticipated that Councillor Caputo’s resignation will become effective from 9 January 2023. After that, a process to fill a casual vacancy on Council will commence.

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