Employee Legal Awareness Day coming Monday

Next Monday, 13 February, is Employee Legal Awareness Day, a day to raise awareness of relevant labour laws for both employees and employers.

Created 15 years ago by Sunshine Coast solicitor Paul Brennan, the day is now acknowledged by companies in several nations, including the United States, India and Europe.

“To employers and employees, this can seem a very dull topic until the legal mistake occurs,” Paul said.

“Over the years, there has been quite a creative, sometimes jocular response in YouTube and social media posts. Several lawyers from various countries have put up articles to list predictable legal mistakes. There is always room for more articles, my own version being the Ten Legal Things That Your Employees Need To Know.”

The National Today website offers background information on labour laws and suggests activities to mark the day. These include suggestions that the day is a good time for employees to read up on their rights (including reading company policies in the employer’s handbook) and for employers to organise sessions to educate staff on their rights.

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