Five steps to filming a great video for social media

Is filming more videos for social media one of your practice goals for 2023?

If it isn’t, here’s a few stats as to why it should be! It’s never too late.

  • 60% of businesses used video in their marketing strategy in 2020
  • a video in a post increases traffic from search results by 157%1
  • video is the number 1 source of information for 66% of people
  • 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content.2

With video continuing to be a popular method of delivering news and updates, many users across social media are choosing video as their preferred content, we thought we would share our five top tips on how to make a great video for social media.

Step one: Be aware of your surroundings

When filming, it’s easy to get caught up in the script and the talent, but we encourage you to think about your background and the peripherals in your video as a priority.

If you’re in your office, are there confidential case files visible and need to be moved? If you’re outside, is there road noise or lots of movement in the background that is distracting? If you’re at home, do you need to be conscious of your family interrupting accidentally?3

Picking a neat, quiet and on-brand location for filming will immediately add an air of sophistication to your video.


Step two: You are your brand

It’s true what they say, you are your brand. So we recommend looking the part. How would you show up looking when meeting a new client? How do you show up to work every day?

We’re not saying wear your best garb befitting of the QLS Excellence in Law Awards Gala; just wear what you normally would and how you present every day.

If you don’t, then people’s first impression of you from social to real life won’t match, and your trustworthiness may be in question.

Step three: Don’t be too scripted

We know it’s more comfortable to lean on having your entire script in front of you so you can nail those key messages, but don’t.

By all means have some dot points nearby that you can refer to if needed, but try and make any videos you are filming for social feel just that – social. The less scripted and conversational the better.

If you struggle with this and feel more comfortable with a script, we recommend downloading a teleprompter app which will help elevate the video and user experience.


Step four: Keep it concise

The average attention span of a human is 8.25 seconds. You have eight seconds to capture their attention or they will move on.

Utilise this eight seconds wisely and try to keep your videos less than one minute in length.

If it is a more educational or complex topic, then no more than three minutes with your most important content at the beginning of the video.

Step five: Always have a call to action (CTA)

Make sure your video tells the person what they are going to get from watching and what you need them to do afterward.

A call to action is a directional message and can be anything from ‘visit our website’ to ‘comment below’.

We recommend putting this information at the beginning of your video so that the watcher is enticed from beginning and more likely to engage in your call to action.


We hope that helps, and happy filming!

If you are interested in discussing your practice goals with an expert, our Practice Advisory Service and Business Advisory Services may be a great place to start! You can either submit an expression of interest or enquire at today.

1 32 Australian Social Video Statistics to Help You Get the Views.
2 24 Noteworthy Video Consumption Statistics [2023 Edition].

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