PEXA relaunches property settlement tracking app

PEXA has announced changes to its property settlement tracking app ‘PEXA Key’ which took effect on Friday 14 April.

Some features have been retired, with a focus on reducing the impact of cyber fraud and data entry mishaps. 

Notifications and settlement tracking have been removed to give practitioners more choice as to how they choose to update clients about the settlement process:

  • settlement dates and times, along with settlement status push notifications have gone
  • special offers have also been removed from the app.

PEXA Key will continue to provide a secure way of submitting client bank details directly into the workspace.

The PEXA Secure Communication Guarantee also continues, which provides protection to buyers and sellers if the communication of bank account details between the buyer/seller and their practitioner’s PEXA Workspace is corrupted within PEXA, or intercepted due to fraud (up to $2 million).

Further details about the changes, including the features continuing and those being removed.   

More information on using PEXA Key, including sending an invitation, requesting bank details, or sharing your trust or the PEXA source account.

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