New parental leave entitlements start on 1 July

Practitioners should note changes to parental leave entitlements announced in the Federal Budget last year will start on 1 July 2023.

The changes are as follows:

  • These changes will affect claims for children whose date of birth or entry to care is on or after 1 July 2023.
  • Parental Leave Pay (PLP) and Dad and Partner Pay will be combined into a single 20-week payment (currently 18 weeks for primary and two weeks for Dad and Partner Pay). This also means dads and partners can access employer funded paid parental leave. Under the current two-week Dad and Partner Pay, you cannot receive employer paid parental leave concurrently.
  • Introducing a family income limit of $350,000 adjusted taxable income in addition to the existing individual income limit of $156,647 (at the moment only the individual who needs access to GOV PPL income gets assessed).
  • Parents will be able to take Parental Leave Pay in blocks as small as one day at a time, with periods of work in between. This must be within two years from the date of birth or adoption.
  • The changes also expand the eligibility rules for fathers or partners to claim paid parental leave pay and removing the requirement to return to work to be eligible for the entitlement.
  • Parents can use Parental Leave Pay until a child turns two. Parents can share PLP with each other and can take days at the same time. This can be at the same time as paid leave, and between periods of paid work. This will give families more flexibility to manage their work and care arrangements. The birth mother or first adoptive parent must give approval to share any Parental Leave Pay days.
  • Part of Parental Leave Pay will also be reserved for each parent to use. Any unused portions of PLP days will be lost if not used before a child turns two. This is to encourage both parents to access the payment. Single parents will be able to get the full amount of Parental Leave Pay.

You can view these changes here.

The Practice Advisory Service (PAS) is a confidential complimentary service to members offered by the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre. Our consultants can discuss with you the above changes and implementing them into your practice, staffing issues or concerns. Submit an expression of interest for a consultation with a Practice Advisory Service solicitor today. Our consultants may also offer a referral to the Employment Law Advice Service (ELAS).

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