Declaration causing some aggravation

Electronic documents

Your recent correspondent’s letter about obtaining death certificates from the Registrar-General is spot on.

Spot on, John.

Another point of aggravation for me is that Titles Queensland won’t accept a paper-rendered version of an electronically signed, remotely taken, statutory declaration, made in accordance with the Oaths Act.

I don’t see the point of elaborate legislation providing for electronically enabled processes – no doubt planned and drafted with much sweat and labour – when a key agency (if it is still a government agency; I wouldn’t know) – to which hundreds of declarations are probably provided every working day, airily announces, in effect: “Oh, those provisions in the Oaths Act aren’t good enough for us.”

Still, there’s not much likely to be gained by complaining to each other within Proctor, I suppose.

Kevin Johnson, South Brisbane

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