The legal profession is witnessing the early stages of what may well be a profound transformation brought about by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI).

As this technology continues to evolve, practitioners find themselves in an exciting yet challenging new era. To thrive in this shifting landscape, the profession must be proactive in understanding the potential of AI while navigating the ethical and practical implications.

With this in mind, the Queensland Law Society’s Innovation Committee has recently organised a collection of short, informative resources to assist practitioners with navigating the latest advances in technology.

Stirling & Rose Managing Director Natasha Blycha and Associate Ty Haberland shared their insights into what junior practitioners, legal practices and firm managers will need to do to thrive in the altered landscape.

“As a profession, we need to consider what our approach is to the digitisation of the law,” Natasha said.

Below are link to the videos and short descriptions.


The Paradigm Shift of AI in Legal Practice for Junior Lawyers

Ty Haberland discusses the essential skills and mindset junior lawyers will need for a career using the new AI tools. Surprisingly his view is that we do not all need to be better technologists (although this won’t hurt). Watch the discussion to gain an understanding of how to effectively integrate these technologies and thrive in a changing profession.

Transforming Legal Practices with AI

David Bowles and Sarah Millar from the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre are joined by Natasha Blycha and Ty Haberland to discuss the opportunities that AI presents for firms to streamline operations and improve processes. AI systems can help automate routine tasks and streamline workflows, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. When less time is spent on manual tasks and generating ideas from scratch, lawyers are able to dedicate more time focusing on clients.  This discussion provides guidance to legal practices and managers on what successful integration of AI-related tools may look like and offers insight into Stirling & Rose’s experiences as a digital law firm that specialises in emerging technology.

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