Sunshine Coast firm expands

Pictured (from left to right): (From left) Jacob Corbett, Tony Pattinson, Bridie Edwards, and Debbie Davis. Photo: Supplied

Bradley & Bray Lawyers, an award-winning Nambour-based firm, has acquired Law In Business, a business law firm on the Sunshine Coast led by Tony Pattinson.

This strategic move bolsters Bradley & Bray’s presence now offering an office in Maroochydore.

Bradley & Bray Lawyers Director Jacob Corbett said: “Law In Business has also been thriving among the region’s longest-standing business law firms and is one of the few who have successfully dedicated their practice to commercial and business law.

“This consolidation makes this an exciting acquisition. This acquisition allows us to assist many Law in Business clients with a larger array of legal services than just business law as we specialise in succession and real estate law as well.”

Jacob highlighted the enduring relationship with Tony and his firm, underscoring the work the firms have mutually completed.

“We’ve maintained a long-standing and continuing association with Tony and his firm. We are acquainted with several of his clients and many individuals in his community. The way he operates is also very similar to the way we operate, making it a harmonious cultural fit.”


Tony said: “Before making this move, I wanted to ensure that I found the right firm to take over, one that would be the best fit to care for my clients. I needed to be certain that my clients would be happy working with them and that the transition wouldn’t cause too much disruption in their already busy working lives.”

Tony will become a consultant to Bradley & Bray Lawyers.

Bradley & Bray’s story began in 1976 as AG Bradley and Associates on the Sunshine Coast. It evolved under the leadership of Mark Bray, who bought the firm in 1986 and renamed it Bradley & Bray Solicitors. Mark partnered with his protégé Jacob Corbett in 2019.

Since Mark’s retirement in 2021, with Jacob as sole Director, Bradley & Bray has continuously grown and expanded its reach. Notable milestones include the acquisition of Welsh & Welsh, the inclusion of Peter Griffin as a Partner, and the acquisition of PMG Law in Brisbane, further strengthening the firm’s presence in the region.

In 2023, the firm celebrated the promotion of Bridie Edwards as the youngest, and first female, Associate Director, marking a significant achievement in their commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Another staff member moving across to the Bradley & Bray team is Connor Pattinson.


“Connor is currently a fourth-year law student with a lot of potential, having been mentored by Tony. He will be graduating soon and will bring his client knowledge and connections to the merged firm. His skillset and knowledge will fit very nicely with Bradley & Bray,” Jacob said.

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