Mossman Court remains closed

Due to the ongoing effects of the tropical low in North Queensland, the Acting Chief Magistrate has approved altered arrangements for Magistrates Courts in accordance with Practice Direction No. 10 of 2023 for today, 15 December.

These arrangements will apply to Mossman Magistrates Court which will be closed.

Atherton, Cairns, Cooktown, Innsifail and Mareeba Magistrates Courts will be open.

To and including Friday, 15 December 2023, parties may appear by telephone. If people are unable to appear due to safety issues, flooding, transport problems or any other issue associated with Cyclone Jasper, they should contact local registries by email or telephone, and matters will be adjourned and a Notice of Adjournment sent out. Police Prosecutors would ordinarily be expected to appear in person.

Details of telephone numbers and email addresses for all registries across Queensland can be found on the Queensland Courts Website –

Formal information is available on the Queensland Courts’ website.

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