Member survey to help form AI policy

A member survey to establish a baseline of experience level with generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be one of the first actions of the new joint working group.

The Queensland Law Society (QLS) Generative AI in Legal Practice Joint Working Group met yesterday for the first time.

The AI committee was one of QLS President Rebecca Fogerty’s focuses on taking office last month.

“We want nothing less than to become a leader in this space so that it benefits, not detracts from, our members’ practices,” Rebecca told Proctor in January.

Chair of the committee and Centre for Legal Innovation Executive Director Terri Mottershead said the survey, which would be circulated this month, would be fundamental to the committee’s work especially as it settled its terms of reference and urged members to complete the survey.

“We want to bring everyone together and provide resources and practical advice that members can immediately use in their practices,” Terri said.

“AI is a huge area and promises to revolutionise legal practice.  Generative AI is a popular topic and impacting everyone and everything right now. We (the committee) exist to support members in understanding how this will impact them and ensure they remain able to provide the legal services/products/solutions that their clients need.”

QLS General Manager of Advocacy, Guidance and Governance, and committee member, Matt Dunn said AI was the “biggest challenge to operational practice for the next five to 10 years”.

“We will look back at today and say ‘remember the days’. Members are looking to us for guidance, leadership and a vision for the future,” he said.

“I’m really excited to see where this can go. There is a lot of work ahead but it’s incredible work.“

Matt said this technology would be part and parcel of legal practice in years to come.

“Legal practice can go and can be in the AI augmented and facilitated world,” he said.

“The committee needs to offer guidance and be cautious but facilitate opportunities. We can experiment but be responsible in financial duties and keep clients safe.”

The working group members include Kate Greenwood, Leith Hoffensetz, Kim Trajer, Mathai Joshi, Dana Heriot, Millie Russell, Lani Olafsson, Andrew Shute, Adrian McCullagh, Megan Fairweather, Stephen Jones, Kristen Hodge, David Bowles and Kerryn Sampson.

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